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Brig [userpic]
When I'm drunk I'm like Bambi.
by Brig (rawenen)
at February 26th, 2009 (07:55 am)

When I'm drunk I'm like Bambi. I'm all over the place, hopeless like a 16 year old kid'

'When I'm drunk I'm like Bambi. I'm all over the place, hopeless'
Jonathan Rhys Meyers's admission of his fondness for drink was seen in a new light this week when the Tudors star checked himself into rehab again, reports Richie Taylor

Wednesday February 25 2009

It's an all-too-familiar tale: a star goes off the rails with a bang and has to hit rock bottom before he or she can finally help themselves. From Ronnie Wood to Amy Winehouse, Mickey Rourke and even our own Colin Farrell, some celebrities have found that their biggest battle is with their own demons.

Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is now a fully paid-up member of the club. The Tudors star is reported to have recently checked into rehab in England in a bid to deal with a drink problem.

Suspicions arose when the Cork-reared actor failed to show at the IFTAs in Dublin earlier this month, where his acclaimed TV series The Tudors won 10 awards. The day before, he was allegedly spotted buying spirits in London. He also missed the Oscar Wilde Awards in LA, the annual celebration of the Irish in Hollywood, which is staged just before the Academy Awards.

Before filming the last series of The Tudors, producers insisted that he steer clear of alcohol, with his behaviour monitored by minders.

"He is one of the nicest guys in the world, he's a pleasure to work with," revealed a Tudors insider. "He has his demons all right, and he's trying to cope with them as best he can. I couldn't have coped with even 2pc of what's being written about him. He is also great with children. If any kids ever come on the set he's really nice to them. He gets down and talks to them face to face and makes sure they get autographs and whatever they want. He's brilliant that way."

The next series of The Tudors won't start filming here until June, which should give him a chance to get back on track. His natural father John O'Keeffe, who lives in Spain and separated from Jonathan's mum when he was a child, has appealed to Jonathan to sort out his problems.

Part of the problem may be his upbringing. John left Jonathan's mum Geraldine when the boy was just three. He moved to England, taking two of their four boys with him, leaving Geraldine to raise Jonathan and another brother.

He had a troubled childhood, spending time in an orphanage and being expelled from school. His mother, who he loved dearly, drank a lot and didn't seem to be able to cope with him properly.

So Jonathan asked a local farmer named Christopher Crofts if he could stay with him for a while. Openly gay, Crofts had children of his own. He became a guardian for Jonathan, and was given the legal power to sign papers whenever Jonathan was away. But eyebrows were raised over the relationship.

Crofts said: "I always felt he chose me. We've always had a father/son relationship. I felt that he needed some stability and structure in his life."

And it seemed to work... for a while.

Jonathan's first big break was in Michael Collins, when Neil Jordan cast him as the man who shot the Free State leader. Jordan said at the time: "He looks like a young Tom Cruise. He came into the casting session with alarming certainty. He's obviously gifted."

After that, his career took off but problems soon surfaced. A friend said: "Jonny had always been on the brink of going off the rails. He had a difficult childhood and he's screwed up and wild." He later spent time in rehab in both the US and the UK.

"I didn't start drinking until I was 25. Since then I've been drunk maybe a dozen and a half times. When I do I'm like Bambi. I'm all over the place, hopeless, like a 16-year-old kid. People notice," said Jonathan.

And they did indeed notice when he turned up in Dublin Airport in November 2007, after apparently enjoying an all-night session. He was arrested by Gardai and charged with being drunk and in breach of the peace.

In London the next day he was pictured with an early morning can of cider in his hand. Then came the news that his mother had died in Cork, aged just 50. Heartbroken Jonathan flew back for the funeral, where he was comforted by, among others, his old acting pal Colin Farrell.

Jonathan has also been linked to a long series of beauties from socialite and model Cha Cha Seigne, who friends say remains the love of his life, to actress Toni Colette and an on/off affair with heiress Reena Hammer.

He is also a huge gay icon, and has no trouble playing gay roles. He said: "I'd actually love to do more gay parts. I want to play people like Rock Hudson and Montgomery Clift."

Further trauma came when his father figure Crofts was arrested by police in Morocco on the charge of sexually abusing a youth. He was jailed, but it is not known if he is still behind bars over there.

Meanwhile, Jonathan is back in rehab and is now facing possibly his toughest-ever challenge. What the future holds for one of our finest young actors, only he can now decide.                                                     

Source: www.independent.ie/lifestyle/when-im-drunk-im-like-bambi-im-all-over-the-place-hopeless-1651877.html